Why Does It Matter?

Have you noticed how many opportunities there are for recycling lately?  And that recycling has become more convenient?  Businesses are very interested in recapturing materials to protect their bottom lines, and are aware that customers demand environmentally conscious behaviors.  There are also new laws requiring producer responsibility. This is great news!  Of course, Hendricks County residents are ahead of the curve.  We have seen increased usage of our Recycling Drop-off Centers, Yard Waste Recycling Centers and Tox-Away Days in recent years.  And as more items are accepted for recycling, we expect that trend to continue.

What Should You Do?

Look around and ask a lot of questions.  There are some items that are now accepted for recycling that previously had not been recyclable.  As these new programs are phased in, it is important to make sure you are “in the know”.  So check out these tips and if you aren’t sure what’s acceptable and what isn’t, make sure to ask.  Recycling programs rules can change frequently.

Plastic film is one of those expanding recycling programs.  Although plastic film may not be accepted in your curbside bin or at our Recycling Drop-Off Centers, it is accepted at stores that recycle plastic shopping bags.

What’s Accepted?

· Case Wrap (the film used to package multiple products like water bottles, napkins, rolls of toilet paper or paper towels, diapers, etc.)

· Newspaper, dry cleaning, bread, produce and retail bags

· Air Pillows (used for shipping)

What’s Not?

· Frozen Food Bags

· Pre-washed salad mix bags

· Biodegradable bags

Where Can Plastic Film be Recycled?

· Kroger

· Walmart

· Target

· Lowes

· Sam’s Club

· JC Penny

For more information about plastic film recycling or to add your business to a list of plastic film recyclers, check out PlasticFilmRecycling.org.

Next Edition…

Next time we’ll share some recent changes related to carton recycling in Hendricks County.  You won’t want to miss this info! Stay tuned!

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