We’re receiving some recurring questions about the Lizton Recycling Center so an FAQ seems appropriate.

Q: When will the recycling center be open?
A: Once it launches, the center will be open the following days and hours:

      • Tuesday  9 AM – 6 PM
      • Wednesday  1 PM – 7 PM
      • Thursday  9 AM – 6 PM
      • Saturday  9 AM – 3 PM

*The center will be closed on major holidays*

Q: Why isn’t the new center going to be open 24/7 like the old one?
A: The biggest reason for upgrading the recycling center was the consistent misuse and abuse experienced at the current center. So, an attendant will always be on duty when the new center is open to help answer questions and ensure that the recycling rules are being followed. For more on those rules, see our recent article, “What Can Be Recycled at the NEW Recycling Center?”

Q: How much will it cost people to recycle at the new recycling center?
A: It’s free for the public to use! Our organization is part of the local government for Hendricks County. Providing the recycling center for the community is part of our mission and the construction and operation of the center are covered by our budget.

Q: Can I recycle electronics there? How about appliances? Scrap metal? Clothes?
A: No, we’ll only be accepting traditional recyclables – bottles, cans, jugs, tubs, jars, boxes, paper, etc. – at the recycling center. You can find out more here. While we do encourage you to recycle all those other items, they will not be our focus at the new recycling center.

Q: What should I know before I go?
A: Glass containers and corrugated cardboard will each have their own collection point so separating those materials before arriving at the recycling center will be helpful. You should expect to have your recyclables quickly inspected by the attendant on duty to ensure the items you brought can be recycled in the program. This article, “How Will the New Recycling Center Work?” covers other details and includes a graphic that shows where to enter, park, unload, and exit.

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