Meet the Board of Directors

Indiana’s solid waste management districts are governed by boards of directors made up of elected officials that represent local governmental bodies.  All district board members serve by virtue of their locally elected office. The Hendricks County Recycling District’s Board of Directors is comprised of the three County Commissioners, two members of the Hendricks County Council, and one representative from each of the Town Councils of the four largest towns in Hendricks County (Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, and Plainfield).

The individuals currently serving on the District’s Board are:

  • Daniel Bridget–Plainfield Town Council
  • Caleb Brown–Hendricks County Council
  • Dennis Dawes, President–Hendricks County Commissioner
  • Bret Doub–Danville Town Council
  • Bob Gentry–Hendricks County Commissioner
  • Ben Lacey, Secretary/Treasurer–Brownsburg Town Council
  • Phyllis Palmer-, Vice President-Hendricks County Commissioner
  • Robert Pope–Avon Town Council
  • Eric Wathen–Hendricks County Council