The best way the District can fulfill its mission of promoting waste reduction, recycling and responsible waste management in our community is by providing residents of all ages information and services to assist them in making wise environmental choices.

Adult Outreach

The District’s most critical role is to provide residents of Hendricks County valuable and accurate information regarding the management of the solid waste we all generate.

District staff fulfills that role in a number of different ways; not the least of which is responding to individual questions from the public via telephone or email. The District receives many inquiries from people seeking information or advice regarding waste reduction, recycling or how to properly dispose an item or material.

School & Youth Education

Education is critical to the success of any solid waste reduction and recycling effort. The Hendricks County Recycling District is committed to providing valuable, comprehensive educational programs and services to youth in the community.  Our Outreach Coordinator is Amy Sieferman.