Recycle & Refill at Your Next Event

We’d like to help make your next family reunion, softball tournament, 5K, company outing, or church picnic more environmentally-friendly.

Recycling Stations
The District loans out event recycling stations called ClearStream Recyclers designed specifically to collect bottles and cans for recycling. These collapsable, portable units are a great, visual cue that recycling is available at your event. There’s no cost to borrow the units and District staff members are happy to help you plan your recycling attack. We’ll even provide the necessary bags!

Water Bottle Filler
Encourage waste reduction by giving your event attendees an easy way to refill their water bottles. The District owns a portable water bottle filler that we’re happy to loan out to organizers of events here in Hendricks County, and it’s free to use! The unit simply hooks up to a water source (an outside spigot works great). It contains a restaurant-grade water filter, so users can be assured they are getting safe, fresh, water.

Again, there’s no cost to use any of the above–we just want to keep trash out of the landfill. For more information or to reserve the Recycling Stations or Water Bottle Filler, contact Lenn Detwiler.