What items will be accepted at the new Lizton Recycling Center opening in just a few weeks? The short answer is, “the same stuff.”

But, the biggest issues we’ve had at the current Lizton Recycling Drop-off Center are users not following the rules by recycling things they think¬†should be recycled, leaving materials in bags, or simply disregarding the rules altogether. The new recycling center will operate differently to help everyone “recycle right.”

The most significant change will be that corrugated cardboard (think shipping boxes but not cereal boxes) and glass containers (bottles and jars) will be placed in their own bins. This separation helps us control our costs and provides better material for the recyclers that will be taking the items we collect.

The graphic below shows what will be accepted at the new center and how users will need to separate their materials. Please also notice the items that will not be accepted.

We promise it won’t be as confusing as the above graphic makes it seem. And, there will always be an attendant at the center to help you!

The new recycling center will be opening in April. We’re working hard to complete construction and stay on schedule. As we get closer to opening the new center, we’ll continue to share what users can expect. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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