Why Does it Matter?

America Recycles Day is November 15th! It’s a day to start or expand recycling efforts where you live, work, learn, worship and play. 

There is much more to recycling than just feeling good.  Many companies rely on the materials collected as they manufacture new products using our recycled plastics, metals, glass and paper. 

Recycling saves natural resources like bauxite, iron ore, petroleum and trees.  Plus, the amount of energy saved by recycling is incredible.  When you recycle an aluminum soda can you save 95% of the energy that would be required to produce a new can from virgin material.

The act of recycling certainly saves space in the landfill, and that’s great.  But, recycling also creates jobs!  For every job provided at the landfill, there are up to ten jobs created by businesses involved in the recycling process!  Keep reading to learn how you can become a better recycler for this America Recycles Day!

What Should You Do?

Below is basic recycling information for the most traditional materials (be sure you understand the specific rules of whatever recycling program you use).

Glass:  only those containers that contained food or beverages should be recycled, all colors a generally accepted.  Window glass, cooking glass and drinking glasses cannot be recycled.

Aluminum:  beverage cans are recyclable as well as aluminum foil in some programs.

Plastics:  most recycling programs accept rigid plastics number 1 through 7 but will not accept Styrofoam or plastic shopping bags.  Lids and labels can stay on.

Paper/Cardboard:  most types of paper and cardboard are accepted in the various community programs.

Steel:  Steel food containers can be recycled.  You can leave the label and lid intact.

 Dig Deeper.

Learn more about America Recycles Day by visiting AmericaRecycles.org. 

Learn more about recycling in Hendricks County by downloading a copy of our “Guide to Being Green” at HendricksSolidWaste.com.  While you’re there, check out our video archive.  Recycling questions?  Call us, email us, visit our website or like us on Facebook!  We want to help!

Lastly, show your support for recycling by joining the Indiana Recycling Coalition and volunteering your time to expand recycling here in Indiana!  Visit IndianaRecycling.org to learn more!

Next Edition. 

From Thanksgiving to New Years Day, waste generation increases by 25%!  Next month’s editions of 365 Every Day Counts will focus on waste reduction.  We’ll offer some practical ideas for lessening your waste generation through the Holidays.  Thanks for reading!



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