Why Does It Matter?

Summer is finally here and it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!  Perhaps your summer plans include picnicking.  Picnics can be a wonderful, environmentally friendly family activity with just a little extra planning.

Our favorites picnic spots tend to be some of the most beautiful spots in our community.  And, we want to keep them clean, beautiful and litter-free.  Plus, if you don’t plan for a no-waste picnic, you may be left with a whole lot of trash to contend with, and that’s just not fun.

 What Should You Do?

Don’t be trashy!  Plan your picnic with a zero waste to low waste goal. 

· Reduce & Reuse:  Pack reusable utensils, cloth napkins, plates, refillable water bottles, and of course, the picnic basket itself should be washable and reusable.  Food can be packed in reusable plastic, glass or steel containers to be washed and reused for your next adventure.

· Buy Recycled & Recycle:  If you must buy disposable tableware or packaged items, look for a high post-consumer recycled content and then take them home to recycle them if recycling receptacles are not available at your picnic site.

· Hike it, Bike it, Walk it:  Choose a picnic destination close to home and get moving.  This not only adds to the “adventure factor”, but it’s good for you and the planet.

· Bugs & Sun:  Use all natural sunscreen and bug repellent.

· Keep it Natural:  Plan a fresh, local and/or organic menu.  A trip to the Farmer’s Market will give you some great inspiration (look there’s another adventure!).

· Bring Me a Bucket:  Bring a small bucket so you can carry compostable food home to your compost pile.

Dig Deeper.

We are blessed with great parks all over Hendricks County! Maybe this is the summer your family makes it a goal to pack a picnic and visit every park in the county.  Below is a checklist to get you started!

  •  Arbuckle Acres (Brownsburg)
  •  Avon Town Hall Park
  •  Avon-Wash. Township Park
  •  Blanton Woods (Danville)
  •  Ellis Park (Danville)
  •  Franklin Park (Plainfield)
  •  Hummel Park (Plainfield)
  •  McCloud Nature Park
  • (N. Salem)
  •  Scamahorn Park (Pittsboro)
  •  Sodalis Nature Park (Plainfield)
  •  Stephens Park (Brownsburg)
  •  Swinford Park (Plainfield)
  •  Williams Park (Brownsburg)

 Next Edition…

Next time we’ll share some great idea for greening your summertime parties.  Whether they be poolside, in the cul-de-sac with your neighbors or in the backyard around the fire pit, there are ways reduce, reuse and recycle!

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