Why Does it Matter?

Happy Holidays to you and yours!  We hope you are simply having a wonderful time with your family and friends. 

Perhaps now that some of the hustle and bustle of the season has died down, you find yourself with questions about what to do with all of the boxes, decorations, duplicates and of course, the Christmas tree.

We are here to help you work through some of the chaos that may ensue when the last of the egg nog has been drained, the presents unwrapped, and it’s time to clean up, box up and get ready for 2012.

This is also a good time to think about the new year, old habits you would like to break and new ones you would like to begin…  Consider resolving to do more in 2012 to reduce, reuse, recycle and protect and conserve the resources we all rely on.  Read on to learn more!


What Should You Do?

Here are some tips to help you as you recover from the last few weeks and transition to the new year:

· Live trees can be recycled after the holidays at our Yard Waste Recycling Centers—visit our website for more information.

· Compost your natural holiday décor like wreaths, holly, pine cones, etc.

· If you wrapped your gifts in brown (grocery bag) paper, kids’ artwork, newspaper, or other recyclable paper, please bring it to us at one of our Recycling Drop-off Centers.  Please note: printed commercial gift wrap is not recyclable.

· Not going to use the same decorations next year?  Ask your neighbors, friends or place of worship if you can bless them with your cast-offs.


Dig Deeper.

A new year equals a new start.  Consider rolling these simple lifestyle changes into your 2012:

· Begin recycling or, if you’re already an avid recycler, work to include another item or two.

· Nix the bottled water!  Tap water is just as safe, you’ll save lots of money and generate less waste.

· Plant a garden.  It’s a great way to connect with nature and your family.  It also provides an easy way to compost your food waste.

· Begin taking reusable shopping bags to the store.  Some retail stores even reward you for doing so.  


Electronic waste (unwanted or unusable computers, TVs, cell phones, laptops, etc.) is the fastest growing segment of the waste stream.  And these items cannot by law be disposed of with your household trash.  We’ll cover this issue in our January editions of 365 Every Day Counts.   
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