Why Does It Matter?

Challenge:  Read the ingredients listed on one of your household cleaners.  Can you pronounce them all?  Do you know what they are?  Do you know what the health and environmental effects of those cleaners might be?  The good news is that you can know the answers to those questions by taking control and making your own cleaners from simple and inexpensive ingredients. Knowing what’s in that stuff you are squirting in your kitchen, on your bathroom surfaces, or on the floor where your pets and children play can be empowering.  Ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, hot water, or Borax are not only easy to pronounce, but we also know they will not harm the ones we love or our precious Earth.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own cleaners, there are some non-toxic commercial cleaners on the market you can use.  Or, hire a green cleaning company to do the work for you!

What Should You Do?

Making your own cleaners is fast, cheap and easy!  One of our favorite all-purpose cleaning recipes is a combination of warm, soapy water and vinegar.  This stuff works on everything from counters and sinks to floors and walls and even spots on clothing.Try it:· Take one spray bottle (do not reuse one that formerly held hazardous cleaners)· Fill the bottle 2/3 full with hot water· Add a few drops of your favorite dish soap and shake it to mix· Fill the rest of the bottle with white vinegar and shake again to mix· Use the mixture as an all-purpose cleanerThere are lots of great green cleaning recipe books on the market.  Try some reusing and check them out at your library, our office, or visit a book resale shop. 

Dig Deeper.

If you would like for someone else to do the “dirty work” of cleaning your home or office, but still want to protect our environment, consider hiring a company that specializes in green cleaning.There are a number of such companies in the Indianapolis area.  This month, we’ve spotlighted Real Green Cleaning, located in Avon, in our 365: Every Day Counts video.  Learn about the products and techniques they use, the company’s philosophy and more tips for greening your cleaning at home by visiting 365everydaycounts.com

Next Edition…Garage sales are a great way to save (or make) some serious cash and bask in the joy of reuse all at the same time!  In May, we’ll share some practical advice for shopping at garage sales as well as some great tips for hosting your own.  Until then, Happy Spring!

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