Portrait of kids holding recycled bottle in boxOften times going back to school means establishing new routines and habits. Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic may be the three “R’s” you are thinking about at this time of year, but we want you to think about the other three:  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, as well. There are lots of opportunities to make wise environmental choices as we settle back into the “new normal” of the school year. These wise choices can make a huge impact on your students’ futures.

Here are a few suggestions of how your family can make stewardship a part of this school year: 

  • Recycled – Look for recycled content school supplies – the more post-consumer content the better. These days you can find everything from recycled paper and recycled steel scissors to pencils, pens, binders and backpacks made with recycled material.
  • Reuse – Just because it’s a new school year doesn’t mean your kids need all new stuff.  Reuse last year’s leftover supplies.  Reusing is even better than recycling and it saves you time and money. 
  • Look for Recycled Clothing – Vintage clothing can be found at resale or consignment shops or even online and it is very trendy right now.  Many clothing brands have begun using some recycled content cloth in their products, so consider that when shopping.
  • Choose Durable When Possible – Purchase items that will last rather than those that will quickly end up in the trash. Yes, they are more expensive initially, but you save money and landfill space in the long run.
  • Go Paperless – When possible, have your students turn in assignments electronically.  Most schools are encouraging more computer/tablet use at home and at school. Buy less paper and more thumb drives!

Make it a great, green school year!

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