The District’s most critical role is to provide residents of Hendricks County valuable and accurate information regarding the management of the solid waste we all generate.

District staff fulfills that role in a number of different ways; not the least of which is responding to individual questions from the public via telephone or email.  The District receives many inquiries from people seeking information or advice regarding waste reduction, recycling or how to properly dispose an item or material.

In addition, the District reaches out to groups and individuals in the community.  Whether staff members are providing workshops at the county fair, participating in a roadside clean-up, coordinating a community Earth Day celebration, or making a presentation to a civic group, the message is always the same–we must all do our part to reduce, reuse, recycle and properly dispose of the wastes we produce.

Amy Sieferman, the District’s Outreach Coordinator works hard to bring meaningful education to the community through unique events and activities.

For more information, click here to email Amy Sieferman, Outreach Coordinator.

The following links also provide valuable information about steps each of us can take to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Stop Unwanted Mail
Worm Composting Info Sheet
Waste Free Lunch Brochure
Simplify Your Holidays!


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