Why Does It Matter?

One person’s Trash is another’s Treasure…really!  Have you been to a consignment or resale shop lately?  They are stocked full of great deals on items that have lots of life left in them.  Back-to-school time of year is a great time to check out the deals all while Reusing.  You can find gently used clothes, backpacks, furniture for dorm rooms, and even books at your neighborhood consignment shop, Half Price Books or Goodwill.

The National Retail Federation’s 2012 survey states, “Consumers will spend an average of $688.62 on school supplies and clothing for their K-12 children”.  That’s a lot of stuff that may or may not get used and could ultimately end up in the trash at the end of the school year.

What Should You Do?

Shop reuse stores before you look at the new stuff.  You will be surprised at the quality and affordable prices you will find. 

Here are some resale shopping tips to inspire you:

· Set a budget, make a list and stick to it—Think about what you have that fits and what you need.

· Bring your own reusable bag—You knew we were going to say that, didn’t you?

· Try things on and inspect before you buy—sizes vary greatly from brand to brand.  And, some things that look rather plain on the rack can look great when you try them on.  Check for rips, stains, or broken zippers.

· Look at the tags—Look for favorite brands, washing instructions (are you really going to dry clean those pants?) and clothes with their original tags still affixed!

· Simplify your life by taking a sack of your old cast-offs with you when you shop.

· Shop with an open mind—Be creative and be willing to be flexible.

· Look for sales—Consignment and thrift stores often have sales, so be sure to take advantage of those!

Dig Deeper.

 Looking for some great, local reuse and consignment shops?  Check out these places right here in our community:

· Upscale Resale in Avon upscaleresalegallery.com

· Kids Go Round in Plainfield  kidsgoround.biz

· Shelley’s Closet in Plainfield shellyscloset.com

· Room Swap Consignments in Avon-                   roomswapconsignments.com

· Diversity Consignment in Brownsburg diversityconsignment.com

· Goodwill stores in Plainfield, Avon and Brownsburg  goodwillindy.org

Next Edition…

Later this month we’ll highlight how to shop for items like books, movies, music, furniture, decorations and household accessories that can often be found used, but still very useful, at local consignment and resale shops

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