Why Does It Matter?

Kick off your shoes, squish your toes in the mud and soak up some sweet summer sun! But, wait!  First, you have some chores to do.  After your kiddos clean out their desks and lockers and have reused everything they can, it is time to do some recycling.  Believe it or not a lot of the things that can no longer be used on the school supply list can be recycled.

The end of the school year means a huge load of stuff will be thrown away if we aren’t diligent recyclers.  Did you know that you can recycle things like glue bottles, glue sticks, cardboard from the backs of notebooks, paper, crayons, binders, folders and electronics?  Read on for the what and how…

 What Should You Do?

Below is a listing of common leftovers following a typical school year.  See what you and your kids can set aside for recycling.

Accepted at the Hendricks County Solid Waste District Office (104 East Main Street, Brownsburg):

· Empty glue bottles, glue sticks

· Crayons

Accepted for recycling curbside or at one of the District Recycling Drop-Off Centers in Lizton, Coatesville or Stilesville:

· Cardboard/Chipboard  (example – crayon & marker boxes, backs of notebooks)

· Workbooks

· Paper

· Cleaned out glue bottles

· Folders

Accepted at Staples:

· Three-ring Binders  (you can save $2 on the purchase of a new binder for each old one you recycle)

Accepted at Ray’s Recycling Facility in Clayton or any of the Paper Retrievers (green & yellow bins at many schools & churches) for recycling:

· Paperback books

· Workbooks

· Paper

· Folders

 Dig Deeper.

Electronics (Tablets, Phones, Computers and Computer Components and rechargeable batteries) can be recycled at many area businesses and the District’s Tox-Away Days.  Check the District’s Guide to Being Green  for more information about where to recycle these materials.

Next Edition…

Summer means outdoor family fun!  Next month we’ll give you some tips and tricks on enjoying some Green Family Fun—picnics, parties and road trips.  Join us!

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