Why Does It Matter?

In our last 365 Every Day Counts article we shared some great Do’s and Don’ts  for hosting your own garage or yard sale to further encourage Reuse.  In this article, we will focus on things to keep in mind when you are on the other side of the transaction.  There are many great deals to be had and lots of items to be reloved and repurposed.  Read on to learn how to make the most of this season’s garage and yard sales!

What Should You Do?

· Scan your local paper’s classified section, look online and watch the church or community bulletin board to learn about upcoming sales in your community.

· Know exactly what you are looking for and take the time to map out your route.

· Keep in mind, yard sales sponsored by churches and charities tend to have better prices.

· Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

· Choose the right neighborhood.  If you are looking for antiques, shop in an older neighborhood.  Baby furniture is more likely to be found in a newer neighborhood with young families.  And if it’s art you are looking for, shop in a known artsy neighborhood or community.

· Bring snacks and drinks if you plan to make a day of it.

· Carry a measuring tape if you are planning to purchase large items like furniture or curtains.

· Bring your own bags (this goes for all of your shopping, not just yard sales…).

· Consider having some rope or bungee cords in your vehicle in case you need to secure larger items for the trip home.

· If you haggle with a seller and they are unwilling to make a deal, leave your number and tell them that if the item doesn’t sell by the end of the day, you would still be interested in buying it.

· Do not buy used sleeping gear like pillows, blankets, or sheets.

Keep an open mind and think creatively.  Many things can be repurposed

Dig Deeper.

There are numerous online resources including lists of tips, checklists and printable signs.  A quick online search will produce a lot of sites to consider.  A couple of sites we found particularly helpful were organizedhome.com and yardsalequeen.com.  You can also find helpful videos for planning and executing your sale on YouTube.

Next Edition…

Have you planted your garden yet? If not, don’t despair…in June, we will “dig in” about farmers’ markets.  Did you know that Avon, Brownsburg, Danville and Plainfield all host farmers’ markets through the summer?  And they sell more than lettuce, tomatoes and corn. The products, people and benefits are great—stay tuned!

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