HHW GuidelinesWe recently wrapped up another very successful year of Tox-Away Days.  In fact, in 2016 the District was able to help more residents properly dispose and recycle more material than in any previous year!  Well done, Hendricks County!  We’ll cover some of the facts and figures related to this year’s Tox-Away Days in a few weeks.

This time around, we are gong to share with you what ultimately happens to the materials we collect during the events. As you might expect, the District works hard to ensure that as much material gets recycled as is feasible during the events. For those items that cannot be recycled, an approved disposal method–landfilling or incineration–is used.

Pesticides/Herbicides: incinerated

Fluorescent Light Bulbs: recycled for mercury, metal and glass

Flammables: used in fuel blending applications when possible

Putties & Adhesives:  landfilled

Unwanted Medicines: incineration

Batteries: recycled for metals

Appliances: refrigerants are removed, if necessary, then the units are recycled for their metals and plastics

Tires: recycled into playground covering or used as a fuel additive for power generation

Computers & Electronics: batteries, inks and toners are removed and recycled. The units are then shredded and separated into various types of metals for recycling. Many of today’s electronics contain precious metals that are highly sought by manufacturers as they produce new gadgets. 

We’re already making plans for next year’s Tox-Away Days. We’ll again be offering five events across the county. Remember, if you live in Hendricks County you can use any of the Tox-Away Days–you don’t have to use the one that’s held in your town.

If you have materials to recycle or dispose of before next spring, check out our online Recycling Directory.  It will link you to local recycling, reuse and disposal options for many of the items we accept at the Tox-Away Day events. Or, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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