Don’t forget that this Saturday, August 29th, is your next chance to safely dispose of your household hazardous wastes (HHW) like pesticides, herbicides, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, adhesives, Tox-Away Dayautomotive fluids, cleaners, unwanted medicines, oil-based paints and more!  All of these materials are accepted free of charge from Hendricks County households to ensure they are kept from our polluting our air, land and water.

This event will be held from 8am to 1pm at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds (1900 E. Main Street, Danville).  Please enter from Main Street. Regulation prohibit business wastes from being accepted.

In addition to HHW, we also accept tires, electronics and appliances at Tox-Away Day.  There are some fees for appliances, TVs and tires (if you bring over a certain number).

A couple of things to remember, please:

  • Don’t bring latex paint to Tox-Away Day!  It’s water-based and is safe to go in your normal trash.  Your trash hauler should take it if it’s been dried out (add kitty litter, oil dry, shredded newspaper or sawdust).  Be sure to leave the lids off of the cans so your trash hauler can see that it’s solid. When  latex paint is brought to Tox-Away Day for disposal it increases our cost to provide the program and can add to the wait time for everyone.  We’ve posted a great latex paint drying demo on our website.
  • We won’t be accepting typical recyclables (bottles, cans, papers, etc.) or heavy trash item!  The focus of our Tox-Away Day events is to help residents handle household hazardous wastes and problem wastes (tires, electronics & appliances).  As such, we will not be set-up to collect other materials.  If you have questions about what will be accepted, please call our office during our normal business hours and we’ll be glad to help you.
  • We don’t offer document shredding at Tox-Away Days!  We understand the need to keep your sensitive information safe.  But, simply put, document shredding isn’t part of our mission of waste reduction, reuse, recycling and proper disposal.  Office Depot (Avon) and Staples (Plainfield) offer document shredding during their normal business hours.

Learn more about Tox-Away Days under the Programs tab of our website or contact us–we’d be happy to help!

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