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We all learned to share before we could walk.  “Sharing is caring”, right?  Right!  Caring for the each other, the community and the Earth can be as easy as sharing what you have.  We already share everything on social media, why not turn that sharing into something tangible.

We are all overloaded with too much stuff.  And, when we need something for a project or a task the general reaction is to go out and buy it.  What if we ask around first and see if someone we know has the thing we need to use.  Maybe we can borrow or share instead.

The fact is, most of the stuff we have goes unused for most of the year and sadly can end up in the landfill.  Think about your power tools.  The average power drill is used 6-13 minutes in its lifetime.  Housing all of our stuff is expensive and it takes up precious space, too.  Have you noticed all of the storage rental facilities popping up all around?

There are many, many things to share and ways to share them.  Gather your friends and family and brainstorm your next sharing opportunities.

  • Seed or crop swap – Gather seeds from last year’s crop and spread the love.  The Avon Outdoor Learning Center gathers seeds every year and shares with students to begin their own gardens at home.
  • Book or media swap – Do you have a favorite book club?  Are you friends and family movie buffs?  Trade your favorites.
  • Potluck food/Recipe swap – Maybe you are a gourmet chef or maybe you would like to learn.  Share what you have and what you know with someone else.
  • Toy Swap – This is great for families with young children.
  • Clothing Swap – Here’s an excellent video with tips about hosting your own swap.
  • Bike sharing – The Indiana Pacers have a great bike sharing program happening in Indianapolis.
  • Ride sharing – We live in the suburbs and have many commuters in Indiana.  Why not save gas and wear and tear on your vehicle and share rides with a fellow commuter?
  • Time, Labor and Skills – Maybe someone needs help with gardening and in exchange they can teach you how to fix your dryer.  Or maybe you could babysit for a friend’s dog and in turn they could run some errands for you.  Saving time and resources can also build community and friendships.  Here are some more ideas for skills that can be shared…
    • Computer Assistance
    • Music/Cooking/Dance Lessons
    • Tutoring
    • Home/Auto Repairs
    • Cleaning
    • Lawn Care/Property Maintenance
    • Transportation
    • Gardening
    • Pet/Child Care
    • Hair Cuts
    • Sewing/Mending
    • Snow Shoveling
    • Heavy lifting
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