Why Does It Matter?

Do you have a great idea for starting a new or expanding a current recycling program at your school, church or non-profit?  We have a program that might help you get started!  The District provides two types of grants to encourage recycling programs.  Non-profit organizations located in Hendricks County are able to apply for grants through the District’s Community Grants program.  Under this program, organizations are eligible to received up to $5,000 toward their programs.  The District also offers local schools funds through a non-competitive grant program in which schools can receive up to $500 to begin or expand recycling in their facilities.

What Should You Do?

Parks, libraries, schools and churches are familiar gathering places.  Where there are people gathering, there are great opportunities for capturing recyclables or, better yet, reducing waste altogether.  These are the types of organizations that can and have benefited from the District’s grant programs.  Here are some inspiring examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Hendricks County Senior Services: Grant funds were used to purchase “real” flatware and dishes that are being washed and reused daily rather than using disposables.  Currently, plastics make up about 17% of our waste stream.  The project is reducing that number and increasing the dining experiences for those served.

Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex: Grant funds were utilized to purchase recycling bins that were not only functional, but also very eye-catching.  You may have noticed the huge pop bottle shaped bins at the 4-H Fair this summer.  Visibility of recycling containers significantly impacts participation.

Avon Christian Church: Community Grant funds purchased rain barrels that capture rain water from the roof of the church that is then used to water the church’s community garden. Produce from the garden is being donated to local food pantries.

River Birch Elementary, Eagle Elementary, Danville Community High School and Plainfield High School: Many schools in Hendricks County have existing recycling programs.  These school programs are going so well that they used School Grant Fund dollars to expand their programs to better meet their increased recycling rates. The funds are typically used to purchase more classroom bins and equipment that helps collect and move the recyclables.

Dig Deeper.

Feeling inspired?  Now is a great time to begin planning for the next round of our Community Grants Program; applications will be due in February.  You can find more information about both grant program on our website.  Contact us if you have questions—we want to help!

Next Edition…

We will focus on tips for a Green Halloween.  One fun way is to “Re-wear” &“Re-scare” with a new-to-you costume.  Visit our Halloween Costume Swap on October 12th from 12 to 3 at the Brownsburg Public Library.


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