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Programs that Correlate with High School Standards

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Programs that Correlate with High School Standards

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

Recycling rules are ever-changing and can be confusing.  Let us help sort it out as we cover the basics of recycling in Hendricks County.

Environmental Science: Env.7.7, Env.8.6

Recycle For Your Health!

Using a model students will discover how improper disposal and handling of hazardous materials can affect an ecosystem.

Environmental Science: Env.1.2, Env.7.3, Env.7.5, Env.1.7, Env.7.4

Worms Are Still Eating My Garbage

Scheduled only Sept-Nov. Learn about the red worm and how it turns garbage into compost. If desired, the class is left with a working vermi-compost system and a “how to” book.

Environmental Science: Env.2.3







Let us come to your school and teach your students how to be environmental consumers. This includes lots of samples and a demonstration.

Environmental Science: 2.8

Packaging and the Environment

Have you ever wondered about packaging and why it has changed over time? Students will spend some time being Materials Scientists and learning about properties and performance of different materials, how to work within constraints, and what the trade-offs of some materials might be.

Environmental Science: 7.7

Project-Based Learning:

Waste Audit

Are you interested in Reducing your school’s waste or Reusing and Recycling More? Join us on a journey through typical classroom/school waste and identify areas that need improvement and develop and implement a strategy for a solution.

Dejunk Your Lunch!

Do a waste audit of your lunch and find out how to make less waste by de-junking your lunch.