Guide to Being Green
Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling in Hendricks County

Keeping residents informed about waste reduction, recycling and disposal options is the most important role the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District fills.  To that end, the District publishes a Guide to Being Green every other year.  


The Guide contains information about District programs and services, but the most important component is the A-Z Guide that contains information from 58 local organizations that offer reuse, recycling and disposal services to residents.


Additional copies of the Guide will be made available around the county at the various chambers of commerce, town and county offices and other locations.  District staff will also have them at our Administrative Offices, Yard Waste Recycling Centers, Tox-Aways Days and community events.


If you would like additional copies to make available in your business or to distribute to employees, friends or family, contact us and we’ll provide those to you.


A digital version of the Guide is also available at our website.  Click below to view it.



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