holidayIt’s such a busy time of the year, we’ll get right to the point:  The amount of waste American’s produce spikes about 25% between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

So, here’s what you need to know about recycling this holiday season…

  • Cardboard:  Cardboard is accepted in your curbside recycling bin (if you subscribe to a recycling service) or at any of our four Recycling Drop-Off Centers.  Please make sure to flatten your cardboard before placing it in the bin so there’s room for your neighbors’ stuff too
  • Christmas Lights:  Lowes is currently accepting Christmas lights for recycling.  Look just inside the front doors for the recycling receptacle.
  • Electronics:  In addition to the District’s Tox-Away Days, there are many local options for e-waste recycling.  Click on the category below to view a list of recycling organizations. Contact the organizations directly for more information about their programs.
  • Christmas Trees:  Natural, undecorated Christmas trees are accepted through January 18th at the District’s Yard Waste Recycling Centers and at GreenCycle-McCarty in Danville (494 South CR 200 East; phone 745-2000).
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