The Environmental Brew-haha with Coffee

Let’s face it; between filters, single use brew pods, coffee grounds and polystyrene cups, your morning caffeine jolt can make a lot waste!

If your coffee craving is leaving you feeling a little trashy, here are some suggestions for enjoying your cup-o-joe without the eco-guilt.
Reusable Mug: There really is just no excuse for not having a handy reusable coffee mug on hand to refill at your favorite java oasis.  You can find a multitude of sizes, shapes, and styles in various price ranges.

Compost: If you haven’t already started composting coffee grounds, you need to.  They are a wonderful addition to the compost pile and if you have a vermi-compost system (worm bin), worms LOVE them!  Unbleached coffee filters can also be composted.  Adding bleached coffee filters to a worm bin could kill your worms so be careful.

Single-use Brew Pods:  Avoid them if you can.  The only environmentally-friendly way to deal with them is to reuse them.  Used pods can be used for art projects and tiny seed starter pots, but you can only reuse so many.  A better alternative is to use a reusable pod designed for use in your single serving coffee makers..

Coffee Cans:  These are some of the best reusable containers around.  Store your nuts and bolts or craft supplies in them or use them to decorate, wrap gifts, or use as a care package.  You can even go to the Folgers website to find free printable decorations for the cans.

Eco-coffee: The harvest and production of coffee can have its own impacts on the Earth such as loss of habitat, deforestation, soil erosion, water pollution and over-use of agri-chemicals.  What can you do?  Look for the Rain Forest Alliance certification, Fairtrade Foundation and organic beans the next time you shop.

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