Hendricks County schools are setting the pace when it comes to keeping waste out of the landfill.  Students, teachers and administrators are working together to incorporate environmental education into their school days.  And they aren’t just talking the talk, they are walking the waste diversion walk!


Continue reading to learn about progress happening in our local schools as a result of the commitment of our students and school leaders.



  • The Avon Community School Corporation has completely changed lunchroom service-ware from plastic sporks to washable silverware.  As a result, 853,000 plastic utensils and wrappers are not being trashed each year.
  • The iPad program at Danville Community High School and the increased usage of technology at all of our schools has meant less paper waste is being created.
  • Last year, Danville South Elementary and Pine Tree Elementary in Avon participated in the “Waste-Free Lunch Challenge” and packed/purchased lunches with little to no waste. Whatever waste was left was recycled or composted.


  • The Brownsburg High School Art Department uses a pug mill in its ceramics class that allows practice clay to be recycled and reformed to be used for new projects.
  • Each spring, Avon High School promotes a prom dress reuse event.
  • Many classrooms around the County collect unwanted, reusable school supplies at the end of the year that can be reused the next year.
  • Several Hendricks County Schools participate in the District’s “Recycle: Heart and Sole” shoe reuse project which sends thousands of gently used shoes to those in need.


  • All six Hendricks County school districts and nearly all of local private schools are recycling paper in the Paper Retriever Program. Last year approximately 644 tons of paper recycled from schools and nearby households and businesses was recycled through that program in Hendricks County alone!
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