Each year the District earmarks $20,000 to provide grants to fund local projects that further the District’s mission of promoting recycling, waste reduction and responsible waste management in this community.  On April 26, 2016, the District’s Board of Directors approved the funding of two grant requests the District received during the spring round of the Community Grants Program. Hand drawing Partnership Puzzle with crumpled recycle paper background as conceptThe recent recipients included:

  • Avon Community School Corporation to implement a program to reduce the amount of flatware used in cafeterias that is inadvertently thrown away
  • Danville Rotary Club to utilize recycled materials–specifically recycled rubber mulch and recycled plastic benches and/or picnic tables in the Jack Willard Community Park project

The District’s grant program continues to be a great way to inspire local organizations to think differently about the waste they produce.  Grant award winners ultimately implement changes that reduce the amount of waste they generate or provide education and hands-on experience to the individuals that they impact.

Since 2006, the District has awarded nearly $200,000 through the Community Grants Program.  Each applying organization is eligible to receive up to $5,000.  Grant awards are based upon the scope of the proposed program or project, the impact the program or project will have and how well the undertaking furthers the goals of the District.  Places of worship, schools, charities, service organizations and units of local government are always encouraged to apply.

Past grant winners have included towns, a local library, schools, parks departments and social services organizations.  Many of the organizations that are awarded grants use the funds to purchase recycling bins to begin new recycling programs or expand existing programs.  Grant funds have also been used to purchase outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic or to purchase durable dinnerware to eliminate use of disposable plates and flatware.

The District is currently seeking applications for the fall grant round (applications are due September 23rd).  Anyone with questions should contact Lenn Detwiler, the District’s Executive Director.


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