Boy taking a break from chores to jump in the leaves

Fall is such a beautiful season to live in Indiana!  This is also a great time to remind you of the dos and don’ts related to the leaves that come down during this great time of year.

One of the best and easiest ways to deal with leaves is to leave them alone.  Just run over them with the mower to break them into tiny pieces and let them naturally decompose.  This will not only save yourself some back-breaking work, but it will also provide your lawn with some nutrient-rich material.

Other ideas for “recycling” leaves are to stockpile them to be used later in a compost pile or use them as mulch.  As an added bonus, the District operates two Yard Waste Recycling Centers in Plainfield and Brownsburg that will be open through the end of  November.

Although “recycling” leaves is the best option for the environment, we realize that some people still burn leaves.  If that’s the approach you are going to take, you should be aware of the rules related to open burning.  These rules are aimed at protecting the health and safety of you and your neighbors as well as the air quality of our community.

Leaf burning is not permitted in most town limits within Hendricks County.  Call your local town office or fire department to find out the rules for your town.

  • In populated areas, there is more risk of fire spreading.
  • Smoke and poor air quality for neighbors are a concern.

If you live outside of a town, but within the county, leaves must be burned in a container.

  • Burning should be done during daylight hours so that the fire can be monitored.
  • A garden hose should be available.
  • The fire should be attended at all times.

The burning of prairie plantings is permitted.

  • Make sure that the people burning the prairie plantings are properly trained.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions.
  • Alert your local Fire Department before a burn.

Agricultural burning is permitted.

  • Cleaning up fence rows, clearing trees and the like are allowed.
  • Be aware of weather conditions.
  • Have a water source nearby.

Campfires and Bonfires are allowed in Hendricks County.

  • Towns may put limits on campfires and bonfires within their town limits, so, check with your town before starting a recreational fire.

Don’t forget that burning leaves does release particulate into the air and can cause health problems.  So before you light a match, consider your health, your neighbors’ health and the health of the environment.  Mulch, compost, or properly recycle your leaves instead.  And please note that burning trash of any kind is prohibited by State law.

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