If you think about it, ordering blueprints for a home or other structure online is a powerful metaphor for what is happening all over the world. People are using the information they find on the Web to do more for themselves. A DIY (do it yourself) movement has formed already: from simply shopping for your own blueprints online, to following step by step instructions to build your own boat, for example.

Unusual Shifts

Basically, what we are seeing with the introduction of the Internet into our daily lives are not only changes in personal behaviors and interests. We are observing changes in society, the public landscape, and culture as a whole — that is not surprising considering the immense tool that the Internet is.

But, just witnessing the unexpected changes themselves may be surprising. Let's take an extreme example. In terms of society and its entertainments, many things that used to require brick-and-mortar sites, shops, spaces have moved online so effectively that the Web-based modes are making the originals need to run for their money.

Online shopping is just one easy instance of this. Whole malls can be replaced by sites like Amazon. In the UK, a ubiquitous presence of bingo halls in most towns has been mirrored by online bingo sites, and therefore many halls have closed. Perhaps the granddaddy of all such examples would be a city like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.


The Blueprint for Fun

Whole casino cities have been replicated by highly realistic online forms of entertainment, available as full-blown desktop programs or as slick mobile apps. Online gambling has achieved many levels of intensity and overall it has become one of the highest grossing online businesses of all time.

Essentially, you see, it's as if the blueprints for so many things — from houses to entire casinos — have spread online, reaching many more people. Adults who have never tried a hand of poker, or slots, or roulette (mainly because of unwillingness to visit a casino) can now experience it in full convenience.

The revolutionary idea for an information society and a global culture is literally that the blueprints and plans for almost anything is available online — now it is up to people everywhere to avail themselves of their new power and independence from specialists of countless stripes.

Casinos, online gaming, music, even online education all show signs of this massive cultural shift — toward individual self reliance. If you never thought twice about casino sites, even though they seem to be popping up everywhere online, now you might appreciate the deeper trend involved. It applies to the home blueprints you can order here, too, and many things designed not to leave anything to chance!

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