HHW GuidelinesThe District will again provide five Tox-Away Days in 2016.  The events are an opportunity for Hendricks County residents to properly recycle or dispose of household hazardous wastes, medical sharps, unwanted medicines, tires, appliances, computer components and electronics.

The 2016 Tox-Away Days will be held as follows:
• April 9 at the Brownsburg High School—enter from Odell Street
• May 21 at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds—enter from East Main Street
• July 16 at Hickory Elementary School (Avon)—enter from Avon Avenue
• September 17 at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds—enter from East Main Street
• October 22 at Plainfield Middle School—enter from Longfellow Drive

The events are open from 8:00am to 1:00pm and are available to Hendricks County residents only.  Regulations prohibit business wastes from being accepted at the events.

Common examples of household hazardous wastes include:  cleaners, antifreeze, fluorescent light bulbs (including CFLs), herbicides, pesticides, pool chemicals, oil-based paints and stains, fuels, mercury-containing items, medical sharps, batteries and adhesives.  All household hazardous wastes are accepted free of charge and will be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. 

The District asks residents not to bring latex paint to Tox-Away Day for disposal.  Since latex paint is water-based, it is safe to dispose of with normal household trash.  The paint must be solidified before trash haulers will pick it up at the curb.  The District has produced a helpful video demonstrating how to properly dry and dispose of latex paint.

Latex Paint Drying Video

The Hendricks County Substance Abuse Task Force is again partnering with the District to collect unwanted medicines during the Tox-Away Days, free of charge.  All kinds of medicines are accepted:  prescription, over-the-counter, animal medications, etc.  Residents bringing medicines are asked to leave the drugs in their original containers and ensure that the name and strength of the drug is readable as well as the name of pharmacy where it was filled, in the case of prescription medicines.  Any personal information may be blacked out or removed from the containers.

In addition to household hazardous waste, electronics, tires and appliances will also be accepted during the events.  Some fees may apply depending on the number and type of items.

More information about the Tox-Away Day program is available below or by calling the District’s office at 317-858-6070.

Tox-Away Day Guidelines

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